Official Norwegian Classes

Online classes and courses available in Norwegian.
For private online tutor to learn norwegian.

For those who are in Norway there are several schools offering Norwegian classes - All quite expensive:
Folkeuniversitetet offering classes in various topics

This school offer classes for younger people trying to learn different languages as a student in other countries.
Language School and classes EF

Language classes including in Norwegian and other languages
Berlitz Norway

These courses are not particularly good but it is free courses.
Live Mocha online norwegian classes

Another of the most famous online spots including for Norwegian.
Busuu onlline language school course

My site in portuguese.
Curso Noruegues

I have worked as an online Norwegian since 2012.
I have been teaching online classes and courses from Basic level to helping with preparation for Bergenstesten.
Due to the flexibility - my classes can be fit to your level. Online classes do require more self discipline
My Norwegian classes - availability - and my main site Norwegian learning for information about the Norwegian classes.
Send a message via the site if you need more information.

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